Physical Books:
Writing with a spine. No really, books with a binding down the middle.
Senior Editor, How To Reduce the Cost of Software Testing, A collected antholog, Taylor and Francis, September 2011

Contributed the Foreword, The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers, By Robert Martin, Prentice Hall, May 2011

Chapter Contributer, Chapter 16, Chapter 16 in "Beautiful Testing", O'Reilly Media, October 2009

I was also involved in the vetting and review process for several books; I am mentioned in the credits of Robert Martin's prior book Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship as well as Jim Brosseau's Software Teamwork and Scott Bain's Emergent Design.

My work is also referenced or excerpted in Chris Sterling's
Managing Software Debt as well as the collected work How We Test Software at Microsoft.

Software Test and Quality Assurance Magazine:
"Ask the Tester", a community of interview with experts in Software Testing
An Interview with Pradeep Soundararajan, (On Pg. 28), February 2011
An Interview with Scott Barber, (On Pg. 14), December 2010
An Interview with Markus Gaertner, (On Pg. 9), October 2010
An Interview with Michael Bolton, (On Pg. 10), August 2010
An Interview with Jon Bach, (On Pg. 24), June 2010

Software Test and Performance Magazine:
An introductory/definitional column with Chris McMahon called "ST&PEdia"
The Fishing Maturity Model, (On Pg. 7), April 2010
When Software Absolutely, Positively Must Work (On Pg. 7), March 2010
On Distributed Teamwork (On Pg. 8), February 2010
Ten Tips to Test Web 2.0 Apps (On Pg. 8), January 2010
Considering Code Coverage (On Pg. 9), November 2009
Performing the Software (On Pg. 8), October 2009
Test Outsourcing Fundamentals (On Pg. 8), September 2009
Web Load Testing Magnificent Seven, August 2009
Agile Testing In Practice (On Pg. 10), July 2009
Deliver. Running. Tested. Features. (On Pg. 10), June 2009
Unit Testing Redux (On Pg. 9), May 2009
Q&A: Paul Melson (On Pg. 9), April, 2009
How Fast is Fast Enough?(On Pg. 9), March, 2009
It's SOA, not SOL (On Pg. 18), February, 2009
Stop the cycle, I'm getting off (On Pg. 28), January 2009
The Automation Automaton, December 2008
Taster's, er, Tester's Choice (On Pg. 13) November 2008
Application Security (On Pg. 13), October 2008
MS Terms of Endearment (On Pg. 13), September, 2008
The Unit Testing Unit (On Pg. 9), August, 2008
Defining What's Possible (On Pg. 13), July 2008
Super Testers (With Pat Bailey; Pg. 30), September 2005
Don't just take two asprin ..., August 2005
Interviews and Articles on Software Development and Test Topics
Building a Better Build System, an interview with Peter Smith, April 2011
Cloud Computing Conundrum, an interview with Chris Moyer, April 2011
Beyond Process and Tools with the Authors of the new book Individuals and Interactions: An Agile Guide, April 2011
Managing Software Debt, an interview with Chris Sterling, February 2011
Lean-Agile Acceptance Test Driven Development, An interview with Ken Pugh, January 2011
On Agile Management, An Interview with Jurgen Appelo, author of Management 3.0, November 2010
The Poppendiecks Speak: Two-Pizza Teams and the Software Development Experience, August 2009
Master of Scrum, an interview with Mike Cohn, August 2009
Scott Amble on Agile Development, August 2009
The Future of Agile Software Testing with xUnit And Beyond, an interview with Gerard Meszaros, August 2009
Crystallizing the Software Development Process, A Chat with Alistair Cockburn, August 2009
Confidence Games in Software Engineering, March 2006
How to Develop Software Faster (With Sean McMillan), March 2006
Perils and Pitfalls of Agile Adoption, February 2006
Managing a Doomed Software Project, January 2006
Methodology Design: The Way We Do Things Around Here, December 2005
Tech Tips, Interviews, Editorials, and the occasional podcast on Software Quality Issues (A free Registration may be required)
Menlo Staff on Building an Agile Test Practice, April 2011
Shmuel Gershon on Fuzzing and Fault Modelling, April 2011
A Strategy for Mobile Application Testing, April 2011
Mobile Application Test Tips, April 2011
Large-scale Agile: Making the transition to Scrum, Jan 2011
Effective test-driven development and continuous integration, March 2011
Performance testing tips from the greats (An STPCon Trip Report), December 2010
Applying lean concepts to software testing, November 2010
Effective Bug Reporting Techniques, August 2010
Referenced in Gain better software testing skills: Practice what the pros preach, August 2010
Referenced in Agile software development by Dan Mondello, August 2010 Tutorial: Introducing Selenium IDE, July 2010
Getting started with Selenium Remote Control - Part 2, June 2010
Tutorial: Installing and running Selenium-RC in Perl, June 2010
Podcast: Distributed Agile Development, June 2010
Podcast: Agile Web Testing, May 2010
Video Podcast: Distributed Development (Fourth in the list), May 2010
Performance test metrics (with Oliver Erlewein), May 2010
Podcast: Open Source Test Management, May 2010
Podcast: Using Selenium for Application Testing, May 2010
Quick attacks for Web security, penetration testing and SQL advisory, April 2010
Ten quick attacks for Web-based software, April 2010
Podcast: Introducing the Rebel Alliance, April 2010
Referenced in Open Source: Not your father's testing tools by Colleen Frye, March 2010
Just-enough application lifecycle management (ALM), March 2010
Q&A On Performance Testing with Cristina Lalley, February 2010
No silver bullets for software developers, February 2010
Handling the people side of Agile software development, December 2009
Easing software performance testing and usability modeling pressures, November 2009
Waterfall Vs. Agile Test Automation, with Lanette Creamer, November 2009
Accelerate your Agile Software Testing, October 2009
Test Driven Development Face-Off, with Lanette Creamer, October 2009
Podcast: Improving software testing productivity using record-playback, October 2009
Podcast: Accelerating Agile testing with computer assistance, October 2009
Using automation to accelerate software testing in Agile, October 2009
Why is QA always the bottleneck?, September 2009
5 ways to answer executives' unfair software test, QA questions, August 2009
Case Studies, tips, advice, and lists on Software Excellence
25 Agilists to Follow on Twitter, May 2011
Three Years of Scrum at Socialtext, March 2011
Four Ways to Make the Ship/No-Ship Decision, January 2011

Better Software Magazine and it's subsidiary,
Case Studies, tips, advice, and lists on Software Excellence
Where Do I Go From Here, Better Software Magazine, April, 2008
A Box Of A Different Color, Better Software Magazine, March, 2007
A New Strategy Better Software Magazine,March, 2006
An Ounce of Prevention, Better Software Magazine, March 2004 Issue
Charge of the Light Brigade Considered Harmful,, March 2004
Can US IT Survive Outsourcing,, January, 2004

Personal Finance and Business Writing
Writing on Personal Finance, Business and Investing
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad AMT?, August 2011
How Do Millionaires Think?, August 2011
5 More Ways To Live Below Your, August 2011
Credit Card, July 2011
The Two Income Trap -- and How to Avoid, June 2011
Five Ways to Live Below Your, May 2011

Blogs, Podcasting, Microblogging, and other forms of expression
Creative Chaos, Matt's free, public blog since 2006
Community Blogging at, Fall 2009-Current
Podcasting at, Summer 2010-Curret (Free registration required for current month's episodes; STP Professional membership required for previous episodes.)
Use.Perl.Org, a blog about Software Development and Perl, 2003-2005
Software Development Thoughts, 2002-2006
Software Quality Insights, 2009-current-ish, including comments on:
        - Kent Beck and Release Schedules
        - Pairwise Testing at STPCon
        - Butt-in-seat, hands on keyboard: Quick Attacks
        - The Boutique Tester
        - What Software Testers Should Know About Databases
        - STPCon Wrap-Up: Day Three
        - First Takes on Boston SPIN, STPCon

Everything else:
From Dr Dobbs to, Matt gets around
Hiring Software Developers: The Agile Aptitude Test,, January, 2009
When "IT Alignment in with the Business" Isn't a Buzzword,, also in print magazine, December 2008
Testing Service Oriented Architectures CIO.COM, July, 2008
Have I got a deal for you!, What is Testing Magazine, April, 2008 (Free Registration Required; Download April 2008 issue)
Are Tests Requirements?, Dr Dobb's Online, May, 2007
Tomorrow's Software Factory--Today, Dr Dobb's Journal - Online,February, 2006
Take Two Asprin ..., The Software Development Times, Oct 1st, 2005 (Free Registraton Required)
Beautiful Code, Dr Dobb's Journal Online, August 2005
Why I Am Not An Architect, Dr Dobb's Journal Online, May 2005
How To Surivive the Coming Bust, AngryCoder.Com, July 2003

Video -- and people who ask Matt things:
Every now and again Matt goes on someone else's show for an interview
(One of) Matt's Lightning Talk(s) on Software Maturity, May 2010
Five Questions with Phil Kirkham, February 2009
Interview with, January 2009
Elegant Coders Podcast, 2009
Software Quality Engineering Podcast, with Joey McCallister, July 2008

Heusser on Consulting and Business
Discussing the intersection of Business, Project Management, and Computer Science.
Published in The Grand Valley Lanthorn
or on AngryCoder.Com.

    Nutshell MBA, Part I:    
    Nutshell MBA, Part II:    
    Nutshell MBA, Part III:    
    Nutshell MBA, Part IV:    
    Survive the coming bust:    
(Humor): Running a Lemondade Stand in the 21st Century
Risk (A Game of Global Conquest(TM))
Better Risk Management
Meaningful Mission Statements
The mental leap from Code Monkey to Consultant

Leading the Way:
Leadership Editorials for Cadets, Seniors, and other various military-wanna-bees.
My target audience is a Cadet NCO, just about to earn the Mitchell Award, in 10-11th Grade.
Published on CadetStuff.Org.

     Intro (Actually I):    
     Issue II:    
     Issue III:    
     Issue IV:    
     Issue V:    
     Issue VI:    
     Issue VII:    
     Issue VIII:    
     Issue IX:    
     Issue X:    
     Issue XI:    
     Issue XII:    
     Issue XIII:    
     Issue XIV:    
     Issue XV:    
     Issue XVI:    
     Issue XVII:    
The Myth of False Militarism
The Myth of Social Activities
Content, Collaboration, and Choice
The Role of the Staff Officer
Staff Officers Part II: The Modern Major General
The Trouble with Experts
Building a Squadron
Charisma, Credibility and Character
"He has a Gift": The Myth of Charisma
Staff Re-Visited
Saving a Life: Cadet Programs Style
Makings "Be a Good Example" Real
The Myth of "But I was told" ...
The Myth of Command = Leadership
Quality Vs. Quantity
Two philosophies of management

Guide to Promotion Boards:
Originally Published as a Boulle-Norman Cadet squadron pamphlet.
adapted for the internet by CadetStuff.Org.

     Part I:    
     Part II:    
     Part III:    
Through the Mitchell
How do you board Cadet Officers, anyway?

Heusser On Leadership:
Rambling Tidbits of my Philsophy on Life, the Universe, and Everything.
("Everything" Pretty Much Means Computer Science & Civil Air Patrol. :-)

      What you talkin' bout, Willis?:    
      Building Capability Over Time:    
      Heusser On SF:    
      Heusser On PeopleWare:    
      Heusser on HollyWood:    
      Heusser on Risk Management:    

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